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Disruptive Advertising Technology - Adcquire -Breakthrough in Mobile Advertising

26 Jun 2012 16:00 Africa/Lagos

Disruptive Advertising Technology - Adcquire -Breakthrough in Mobile Advertising

The startup's psychology studies leads to the revolutionary Immersive Product Discovery Platform which provides unprecedented Consumer Engagement through reversed-targeting

LONDON, Ontario, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Adcquire's new revolutionary marketing platform is making waves throughout the marketing industry. The platform, which connects brands and consumers through an innovative mobile app, generates physical interactions with products and is a first-of-its-kind positive experience engine.

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This new approach to digital advertising bridges the gap between traditional marketing methodologies while completely revolutionizing mobile marketing that until now has been much sought after yet elusive, especially in consumer goods.

Adcquire's technology leverages on decades of data and research in social psychology by focusing on compliance and persuasion, as well as current research into the neurochemistry of the reward circuitry in the human brain.

"We looked into some of the most powerful concepts and created a unique platform to help brands create positive experiences for consumers and at the same time, for consumers to discover information about brands and products," says Babak Motamedi, co-founder and COO of Adcquire.

The startup's Immersive Product Discovery Platform takes a new approach to digital marketing using a method that was previously mostly used in direct response marketing.

"Most forms of advertising use blunt delivery methods that only manage to interrupt in the desired activity or event of their target consumer. This creates negative experiences, sometimes to such an extent that the ad not only failed to serve its purpose but perhaps caused unwanted negative associations with the ad content," David Snir, co-founder and CEO explains. "Video, print and digital advertising, especially pop-ups such as currently exercised in mobile advertising can be causing more harm to a brand than good. Adcquire takes on an entirely different approach – one that actively invites people to participate in discovering products, letting them target ads instead of them being the target – it's a reversed targeted advertising technique."

The system engages people to physically interact with products by scanning them via a mobile app and answering one question about them. If they answer it right the system then rewards them.

"Our platform offers an unparalleled opportunity to marketers to create positive experiences with their brand through direct engagement with their product. Rewards have always been used in video games in the form of points, trophies and achievements to create a hook. We simply take this approach to create physical engagement with products," says Mr. Motamedi.

About Adcquire

Adcquire Inc. is the pioneer of Pay-Per-Grab Advertising, the revolutionary Immersive Product Discovery Platform. Adcquire's mobile advertising technology provides brands with an unprecedented digital-to-physical engagement between consumers and consumer goods that is then converted into unique market intelligence data. Adcquire reverses how digital marketing works by placing an emphasis on physical product discovery and a reward mechanism for which the consumer stands to benefit the most. The platform is not only proven to produce 1:1 marketing ROI, but is also a first-of-its-kind positive experience engine.

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CONTACT: David Snir, 1-800-680-4640, PR@adcquire.com

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