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Bing Will Improve Organic Search with Encyclopaedia Function

28 Jun 2012 15:19 Africa/Lagos

Bing Will Improve Organic Search with Encyclopaedia Function, says Search Catalyst

LONDON, June 28, 2012/PRNewswire/ --

As Bing move towards providing facts and figures in their search results,

contact Search Catalyst to help adapt your SEO strategy and ensure a high ranking.

Bing users can expect an improvement in their organic search results following the announcement that Microsoft's search engine will partner with the Encyclopaedia Brittanica. The update has been developed as a response to Google's Knowledge Graph, which has been designed to generate relevant statistic, stories, and general information to improve its search results.

For small businesses and organisations that require search-based information, the Bing update will reward websites that provide factual, informative, interesting, and unique content. Therefore, much like the Panda and Penguin updates from Google, producing original and informative content is essential to ranking highly on Bing.

The Bing and Brittanica update is simply the latest in a series of changes made by competing search engines. Google recently started this arms race by developing "Search Plus Your World" to better integrate search with social media. Bing swiftly responded to this change by displaying Facebook and Twitter results as part of their query results.

So with Bing moving towards providing more facts and figures in its search results, it can be harder for smaller organisations to rank themselves. With this in mind, it may be advisable to get a specialist online marketing agency, such as Search Catalyst, to help improve SEO for small businesses [ ].

Having a measured approach to SEO can have a major impact on the success of your company. To begin with, businesses need to understand the source of the traffic to your website. Are your customers, for instance, coming directly from search engines, or are they coming from referral websites? Companies also need to track and understand keyword performance, which means using tools to measure bounce rates and clickthrough rates.

More small businesses are now looking to integrate search engine optimisation into their marketing efforts. This strategy has proved very useful in providing companies with greater exposure, while it can offer a significant return on your investment.

So whether your small businesses is new to SEO, or you already have a strategy that will need adopting following the latest updates from Bing and Google, do not hesitate to contact a professional online marketing agency.

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