Friday, April 6, 2018

Many Africans Choose To Be Corrupt and Incompetent Out of Stupidity

There is always a choice between intellectual curiosity and intellectual stupidity.
~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

I have seen that intellectual stupidity among those who even went to school is caused by rebellion against enlightenment and rebellion against acceptance of the truth; irrational thinking caused by lack of ratiocination and foolish pride.

It is more widespread in the developing countries where you see African dictators with degrees, but their intellectual stupidity can be shocking! Their political idiocy is a mockery of democracy.

From the elites of the ruling class to the elites of the corporate sector, the rampant cases of corruption and incompetence are examples of intellectual stupidity.
No one can be corrupt or incompetent by accident. It is by choice.
Many people choose to be intellectually stupid in business and personal relationships. It is what Martin Luther King, Jr said is the most dangerous predicament of humankind; SINCERE IGNORANCE and CONSCIENTIOUS STUPIDITY.

Someone chooses to be intelligent or to be an idiot.
To be kind or to be wicked.

Digest the food for thought and sleep over it.

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