Friday, November 18, 2016

Nigeria's Billions of Targeted Audio Ads Now Unlocked

Nigeria's Billions of Targeted Audio Ads Now Unlocked

LAGOS, Nigeria, November 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Today, advertisers can access the largest inventory of targeted mobile audio ads in Nigeria through AdVoice's ad network. Its platform plays personalized ads to callers rewarding subscribers with free airtime.

AdVoice unlocks 10-15 seconds of consumers' undivided attention from a pool of over 140 million active mobile phone users in Nigeria, where 70% of the population is still on feature phones. This segment cannot be reached through digital advertising. AdVoice can. Its audio format works on any phone and its impression inventory places AdVoice in the country's leading ad network category alongside Facebook and Google.
Dennis Oudejans, CEO of AdVoice, states that "serving ads over the ringback tone has a wider reach than any other medium, adding that "the advertiser benefits include measurability, zero wastage, advanced targeting, captive audiences and lead generating capabilities as callers can express product interest by pressing a key."

Globally, there are 15 billion audio ad impressions daily. This is four times the number of internet searches. AdVoice's journey has just begun.

About AdVoice

AdVoice is a global telco ad network that enables marketers to target consumer audiences via SMS, USSD, Video Streaming and Audio formats such as Ringback Tone, IVR and streaming. AdVoice's online interface and profiling engine make telco's inventory accessible in a digital and programmatic way thus giving advertisers the highest level of reach, targeting, lead generation and analytics.


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