Sunday, June 1, 2014

Senator David Mark Has Done More For His People Than Other Senators In Nigeria

 I have never communicated with or met Senator David Mark, President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But I have been most impressed by his addiction to the education of his people.

The Senate President has continued to emphasize that education is the best instrument of liberation of the poor masses and the best strategy to fight and eliminate societal ills like terrorism and insurgency. And he is right. Majority of the ignorant recruits of the Boko Haram and other terrorists from the Lake Chad to the Niger Delta are victims of lack of education. Misinformed and misled by their bosses who exploit the ignorance of these poor people. How many children of the rich who are in modern schools do you see among the foot soldiers and errand boys of the Boko Haram and Niger Delta terrorists?

Senator David Mark has given more scholarships to students than any other senator in the history of Nigerian democracy.
The David Mark Scholarship Foundation has offered scholarship to 12,685 students so far in the tertiary category since he launched it in 2005.

 Senate President and the Okpokpowulu of Idomaland, David Mark exchanging greetings with former Miss Idoma, Ehi Ejeh, a student at the Law department of the Benue State University.

And recently in his Otukpo country home, Senator Mark distributed N100m scholareship grants to 1,719 Benue State indigenes in the various higher institutions in Nigeria. And 1,000 of these students are enjoying full scholarship from primary school to University level.
N900m has been spent on the scholarship scheme so far.

“with good and quality education , most of the societal ills plaguing our nation including armed robbery, kidnapping , terrorism and insurgency would be eliminated, ” said Senator Mark.

This should be an open challenge to every politician in Nigeria to use their positions to do their best for their people and stop wasting millions of dollars on sponsoring terrorists to destabilize the progress and unity of Nigeria and others who are living in bondage as evil cultists, kidnappers and ritual murderers engaging in the diabolical acts of human sacrifice in the south west, south-south and south east of Nigeria.

 ~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, prize winning Nigerian writer and author of Senator David Mark and the Future of Nigeria.

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