Friday, January 17, 2014

BBC Calls PDP Nigeria's Bad Luck Party?

While the storm within the party was gaining momentum, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, political benefactor of Mr Jonathan and a strong influence within the party, wrote a damning letter last month cataloguing alleged personal shortcomings of the president and his style of governance.
The letter was more devastating than if it had been written by the leader of the main opposition party.
President Jonathan replied, denying all the allegations.
He said that the former president had done him "grave injustice" with the public letter.
He accused Mr Obasanjo of trying to incite the populace against him.

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It is not only raining over President Jonathan, it is like a deluge falling on him”
His supporters within the PDP leadership and his political aides fired a barrage of denunciations against Mr Obasanjo but the resultant controversy has not helped the president.
Yet another political bombshell was delivered by the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.
He alleged that nearly $50bn (£30bn) was unaccounted for from crude oil receipts taken by the national petroleum corporation.
Official denials followed shortly afterwards but in the end it was admitted that about $10bn was yet to be accounted for.
 Read the full report on Letter from Africa: Nigeria's bad luck party?

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