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100th Anniversary Issue of Current History

2 Jan 2014 16:18 Africa/Lagos After A Hundred Years, Current History Looks To Its Past And Future

The nation's oldest continuously published international affairs journal was founded a century ago during the First World War.

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- With the publication of its centennial issue, dated January 2014, Current History marks a milestone: America's oldest world affairs journal has been published continuously since 1914. Its history is truly the history of the twentieth century.

Founded in 1914 by The New York Times to supplement daily newspaper coverage, the fledgling publication sought to explain a new kind of international conflict to Americans. Current History from its inception has been a key source of information on international affairs for an engaged readership.
Contributions to Current History have come from poets and playwrights, journalists and diplomats, statesmen and scholars. George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, Leon Trotsky, H.L. Mencken, Winston Churchill, Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. Du Bois, Bernard Baruch, John Dewey, Lewis Mumford, Thomas Wolfe, Reinhold Niebuhr, Henry Steele Commager, Walter Lippmann, Hans Morgenthau, and many other public intellectuals have written in its pages. Thinkers such as Joseph Stiglitz, Condoleezza Rice, Barry Eichengreen, Nancy Birdsall, Steven Pinker, Robin Wright, and Francis Fukuyama continue their tradition today.

January's 100th anniversary issue includes essays on major global trends by Michael Mandelbaum, Larry Diamond, Sheila Jasanoff, G. John Ikenberry, Joseph S. Nye Jr., Scott D. Sagan, Uri Dadush, Bruce Russett, Amrita Narlikar, Omar Encarnacion, Martha Crenshaw, and Nicholas Eberstadt.

The New York Times sold the magazine in 1936; it has been privately held since. Daniel Mark Redmond is now the publisher. Previously, his grandfather, Daniel G. Redmond (1943-1955), and father, Daniel G. Redmond Jr. (1955-1988), held that position. Redmond notes that the magazine has had just four editors in the past 70 years: Daniel G. Redmond, Carol L. Thompson (1955-1991), William W. Finan Jr. (1991-2006), and Alan Sorensen (2006-2013). In January 2014, Joshua Lustig, formerly managing editor, takes over the editorship.

As an independent source of international relations scholarship and journalism, with no institutional affiliation, Current History remains unique among American journals of world affairs after a hundred years of publication. Old-fashioned in its look and feel, in its ownership, and most importantly, in its dedication to thoughtful, clear analysis of global events and trends, Current History is so old that it's new again.
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