Monday, April 15, 2013

Village Cinema and Open Air Film Festivals from Projection Foundation

The Projection Foundation addresses growing technological inequity by providing ‘offline’ and underrepresented communities with the tools and training necessary to exchange their stories through local cinema screenings and regional open air film festivals.  

Bringing Cinema to Every Community  

Although a young organization, the Projection Foundation has already partnered with a number of well-established corporations and organizations including FilmAid International, UNICEF, Shine Global, ZOA and the Rwanda Cinema Center to produce large community screenings of educational films and documentaries for hundreds of thousands throughout Africa and Asia on current issues like women’s rights, conflict resolution and AIDS prevention. Through training and technical support we assist our partner organizations in bringing educational media to marginalized communities, creating an environment that encourages social interaction using memorable films and natural settings. These efforts have proved extremely successful within villages and refugee camps in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, & Tanzania. The Projection Foundation’s inflatable screen technology has been used to educate hundreds of thousands in refugee camps on current issues like women’s rights and AIDS prevention. The systems are simple enough to set up and use for small events with a few people, yet large enough to accommodate gatherings of several thousand people. submit to reddit

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