Monday, April 29, 2013

The Single Cause and the Single Solution To the Nigerian Crisis

Many articles, essays, letters, books, audio and video tapes have been produced and published on the Nigerian crisis since 1960 to date. And the debate will continue, but ironically these publications have failed to help us and even made things worse. From the great Chinua Achebe's The Trouble With Nigeria to my own In the House of Dogs and other down to earth analyses of the various socioeconomic and sociopolitical crises plaguing Nigeria, answers to our problems have been given. But both the leaders or rulers and their followers have ignored them. And their ignorance is their own choice to do as they wish. The single cause of the corruption and violence destroying lives and properties since 1960 to date is DISOBEDIENCE. Disobedience to God by both the so called Christians and Muslims in Nigeria who are just hypocrites and pretenders whose conceit and deceit betray their sacred beliefs. They have disobeyed God in their choices and the terrible consequences have left the country in ruins.

President Goodluck Jonathan is overwhelmed by the Nigerian crisis.

If you love your neighbour as yourself as God commanded: Would you compete with him or her over money and power? Would you cheat or steal from him or her? Would you ra-pe his wife or daughter? Would you sleep with a married man or married woman to break up a home and jeopardize the future of their children? Would you misappropriate the revenue allocations meant for all? Would you make and sell fake foods and drugs to him or her? Would you drive against traffic rules just in lust to beat others? Would you refuse to treat him or her, because he or she had no money to pay in emergencies? Would you rig elections and pay thugs to attack him or her your desperation for political power? Would you in your greed allocate millions of naira to yourself as monthly salaries just to sit and debate in the upper and lower houses pretending to serve their interests, but you are only more of a robber than a lawmaker? Would you as Mr. President pretend to fear God as you kneel before Daddy GO at Redemption Camp and then later go and give billions of naira to cultists and ritualistic brigands claiming to be Niger Delta freedom fighters, but God knows they are idol worshipers? And you continue to rob Peter to pay Paul in Aso Villa. You hunt for Ibori, but you dine and wine with your ex-boss DSP Alams? And you think you can fool God?  

President Goodluck Jonathan should know that granting Amnesty to militants and terrorists will not end the political violence in Nigeria.

 The list of what we do wrong is too long, but the single solution is just one single word, OBEDIENCE. Until we obey GOD, we will never know peace in Nigeria and misappropriating billions of public funds in the camouflage of Amnesty will not stop the violence. Only our obedience to the command of God will end the violence in Nigeria.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi.


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