Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Ban Immoral Songs and Music Videos on TV in Nigeria

I am a well known person in the creative industry, especially in Nollywood and I am also into music production with my first single produced in Hollywood when I was 21 and a copy is in the Library of Congress in Washington DC  My second single was produced in Lagos, Nigeria and gave me an hour interview on the BBC Radio in 2003. But I never released the singles.

I am working on three singles that I will release on my music label.

My father played violin and my elder sister danced for the enigmatic Fela Kuti and his band in the 1970s.  And I wanted to be a rock musician, but my father discouraged me.

I love music and I am a good singer and dancer. But I don't like pornographic songs and music videos which majority of Nigerian Afrobeats and Hip Hop singers are addicted to and they are corrupting our impressionable and vulnerable innocent young children who have been caught indulging in sexual activities. 

They are doing the immoral things in the immoral music videos of Burna Boy, Asake, Wizkid, Davido and Uncle Don Jazzy who use girls and young women as sex objects showing them half naked in simulations of sex orgies. 

Only stupid girls will allow themselves to be used as sex objects.

It is idiotic for women to be half naked and dancing for men who are wearing clothes.

It is even baffling that Uncle Don Jazzy who is the owner of Mavin Records and should promote good behavior is using his music platform to promote artistes singing psychedelic songs in pornographic music videos.

There are widespread cases of rape and sexscapades by teenage boys and girls in secondary schools and many are posting and sharing sex tapes on the internet.

Millions of them are now on hard drugs for sex orgies with thousands of cases of unwanted pregnancies.

If we fail to stop these immoral songs and music videos, they will completely destroy the moral values of our society.

They should be banned, because they promote self-destructive behavior among the majority of the youths.

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