Tuesday, May 15, 2018

IDACB To Launch Large Scale Asian Blockchain Roadshow

IDACB To Launch Large Scale Asian Blockchain Roadshow

$5 billion were invested in ICO during 2017, while according to CoinDesk $4,8 billion during three months of the current year. It is 85% investments of the whole last year (ICO Telegram excluded from the calculation). The number of ICOs have already reached 60% of 2017 rates. Despite the bans on ICO which are being introduced in some Asian countries, this region is still one of the most promising one.

For example, Singapore is one of the most attractive places for fintech. Its GDP is 7th largest in the world, and the Singapore's government turned out to be at the top of their game being nearly the first to define cryptocurrencies status. Thus, investments in Singapore's ICOs are the third largest after USA and Switzerland. Among projects started up in Singapore, there are QASH which has gained $106,4 million and TenX which investments were $83 million.

IDACB to provide ICO projects an opportunity to reach such excellent results and sets up the Blockchain Roadshow through Asia – World Blockchain Roadshow. 2 tours, 10 countries, 20 days.

The first tour starts on May, 31 – June, 9; the second one – June, 28 – July, 6. There are 20 Asian capitals to visit within both trips: Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Macau, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Brunei, Hanoi, Manila, Singapore.

The events will be held in 5-star hotels, - says Maxim Chereshnev, an IDACB International Secretary. – All the participants of this large initiative will also have the same accommodation. We've created these tours especially for projects which are interested in establishing direct relations with major investors. Particularly, with institutional ones. We invite many Asian foundations and hope they will find out an interesting project among those we'll bring them.”

The projects of all over the world take part in IDACB Blockchain Roadshow. 14 countries have applied by now: United Arab Emirates, Romania, Canada, Russia, Sweden, and others. Only 20 projects will be able to take part in the event, by May, only six places have been left by 15th of May.

For Golden Pitchers IDACB will produce accommodation and personal presentation for investors. A crypto party will be at the end of the first and the last days of each trip.

IDACB is the largest International Decentralized Association on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. It's the leading non-profit organization the concept of which is to connect crypto and blockchain community and various countries' officials to work out a unifying approach for international legislation on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The influence of the Association is ensured by the participation of 75 countries, while it is planned to include 30 more states by July. Members of the Association are the first counselors, recognized experts of the blockchain technology market, national and Professional Associations of the participating countries and the professional community representatives.

World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency summit (WBCSummit) is the largest one. It will take place on May 19-20, 2018 in Moscow. It is the second time the Summit is held.

World ICO Show is also produced by IDACB and will take place within the WBCSummit. WICOShow provides ICO projects with an opportunity to present themselves to large investors whose total loan of investment is more than 2$ BILLION. IDACB ensures qualification of investors as all of them have verified identity, and they are IDACB participants as well.

ASIAN World Blockchain Roadshow is the most significant ICO Show in Asia – 2 tours, ten countries, 20 days. The number of places of projects is restricted. The organizer pays for the golden pitchers' accommodation.

IDACB press-office

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