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The Next Global Search Begins: THE ONE International Humanitarian Award 2018

The Next Global Search Begins: THE ONE International Humanitarian Award 2018

(HONG KONG October 9, 2017) Nominations for the 7th edition of THE ONE International Humanitarian Award calls upon you to help discover the Mother Teresa of tomorrow.

Do you know a noble humanitarian who exemplifies “Service Above Self”, someone who works tirelessly to alleviate poverty and suffering in their community and needs funding to support and amplify their life-changing work? Nominate them - they could be THE ONE.

 The winner of THE ONE Award 2018 will be awarded a cash prize of US$100,000, with two runners-up receiving a cash prize of US$50,000 for their service projects. The winner will be announced at an award ceremony cum gala dinner in mid-2018 in Hong Kong, which is attended by the city’s top philanthropists and professionals in the government, finance and education sectors.

Since its founding in 2012, the award has touched the lives of 33 humanitarians hailing from 13 countries. Previous winners and finalists from Africa include Bharathi Jayaram who provides free medical services to the poor in Lagos; Rosalind Colwill, who has spent her life eradicating leprosy in Uzuakoli; and Valerie Browning, winner of THE ONE 2012, who has served almost 200,000 Afar nomads living in highly remote and drought-stricken regions in Ethiopia. Valerie used her award money towards a programme for safe motherhood to combat the particularly high rate of maternal deaths in the Afar community.

“Now Afar is in the spotlight. We will be asked and invited to explain our situation, it certainly helps to spread our message louder and further,” says Valerie.

Founded on a true call-to-action, THE ONE relies on nominations (candidates cannot apply themselves) to find its unsung heroes. This inspires proactive involvement on a global scale, encouraging people to notice the selfless and compassionate in their midst. By the same token, humanitarians who want to apply are advised to look to a friend, family member or co-worker to be their nominator.

“Each one of us can make a difference - if you know of an unsung hero, please nominate them, the ripples of that gesture could change the world for many,” says award founder Dr. David Harilela.

If you have a candidate in mind, go to and complete an application; less than three months remain before nominations for the 2018 award close on December 31st!

THE ONE is an international humanitarian award founded in 2012 that seeks to find and reward an individual who dedicates his or her daily life to serving others and helping those in need to alleviate pain, suffering, poverty and hunger.  In 2014, THE ONE Hong Kong was launched to honour Hong Kong humanitarians. An Emergency Aid Fund was also established to help past winners and nominees in dire situations. In 2017 THE ONE Philippines was founded as part of a bigger plan to create a global legacy that will continue for many generations to come. To date, US$1.6 million has been donated to 33 awardees from 13 different countries, and over 250,000 lives have been saved or improved.

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