Thursday, June 15, 2017

Why is KPMG Paying Nigerian Staff Less Than Their Staff in South Africa and Overseas?

Are KPMG workers in Nigeria underpaid?

KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. KPMG started operations in Nigeria in 1978. KPMG is one of the biggest four auditing firms in the world. The acronym KPMG stands for Klynveld, Peat, Marwick and Goerdeler respectively.
KPMG is a professional service company and one of the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Employer: KPMG, LLP Average Salary Range by Job 

Tax Associate $48,222 - $79,418 56 salaries Associate Auditor $46,657 - $69,267 48 salaries Associate - Accounting or Auditing Firm $45,342 - $73,695 30 salaries Senior Auditor $52,526 - $91,321 26 salaries Management Consultant $55,479 - $139,632 Tax Manager $73,369 - $120,649 23
Auditor $45,825 - $77,971

KPMG Interns: Job Title KPMG Salary
Tax Intern - Hourly $25.56/hr
Advisory Intern - Hourly $26.40/hr
Advisory Intern $54,728
KPMG Tax Intern - Hourly $28.9

Currency: USD | Updated: 6 Jun 2017 | Individuals Reporting: 759 |

The salaries of the staff in Nigeria are below those in the KPMG offices in South Africa and overseas.

Below is Salary Structure of KPMG and how much they pay their Nigerian workers on Monthly and Annual Basis from a Nigerian website.

1. An intern working in KPMG is paid about N37,500 per month.

2. The company pays an analyst collects between N116,000 and 146,000 on monthly basis.

3. Senior analysts is paid between N2.17 million and 2.59 million on annual basis

4. Associates working at KPMG are also paid between N2.16 million and N2.35 million yearly.

5. Senior Associate with KPMG is paid around N5.57 million and N6.02 million on annual basis.

6. A Manager at KPMG collects between N12.6 million and N13.6 million per year.

7. A staff working as Audit Associate with this firm is paid between N144, 000 and N156,000 on monthly basis.

8. Audit Senior Associate collects between N241,000 and N258, 000 per month. while their annual total take home package ranges from N3.1 million to N3.32 million.

9. A Trainee IT Consultant with the firm is paid around N2.39 million and N2.62 million on annual basis.

10. Finally, KPMG salary for its Semi Senior Associate on annual basis ranges between N3.33 and N3.64 million.


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