Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Re: Why I Don’t Like Nigerians

Emmanuel, a Nigerian replies on
Why I Don’t Like Nigerians - Lindsay Robert.

I am Nigerian and I live in NIgeria at the moment. I have also lived in the US for years…earlier on.

You are absolutely right in this article. The truth is that Nigerians are generally not pleasant people. The worst part is that they actually think they are. Many Nigerians will steal from you, steal from the companies they work at. WOE UNTO THE PERSON that puts a Nigerian in charge of ‘procuring’ wares for their company. That person will triple the prices probably, and get you broke.

Many Nigerians have run the companies they worked at to the ground.

I often say to some of my Nigerian friends that ‘Nigerians have lost the straight way/. They dont even know what the straight way is anymore. I MEAN IT. They DONT KNOW WHAT THE STRAIGHT WAY OF DOING ANYTHING IS!!!” If there isnt conflict in it, drama in it, cheating in it, they get bored and they cant do it.

I tried to date several Nigerian girls. They are usually very rebellious…dont wanna change anything for the guy. Are obsessed with their UGLY FAKE HAIR ‘weavon’, they spend so much money on.

Nigerians WORSHIP MONEY, and the person that HAS MONEY.


They’ll even bow to him and call him ‘Oga, Oga Sir. Sir, we are here naw…. Sir we are looking up to you”…Just because he came out of a Jeep which has tinted windows.

I vowed that I would never try to date another Nigerian girl. They are troublesome, talk back so much, and of course, are ‘blameless’. They have no pride in their natural hair…maybe one in eight does.

I think the real problem is that Nigerians aren’t RAISED. The parents think paying for a good school is raising the kid. You know, how a parent spends time with their children as they grow, teaching them values…say sorry, say please, dont steal, return things back to where you picked them up from….NIgerians dont know ANY OF THAT. They dont know how to act in ways that promote harmony.

One of my great friends whom I love very much (a Nigerian, but I love him because he has been transformed by the Bible so he doesn’t act ‘Nigerian’…so he’s just a great honest Christian). We ate some peanuts at my place yesterday…which we had bought down the road. Interestingly, he would drop the empty nylon bag they were wrapped in ON THE FLOOR. Right in my house. I love him to much, and didnt want to offend him by asking ‘why are you dropping trash on the floor in here?’

Nigeria is a dirty country. Clogged gutters at the side of the road. No gutter covers, because the road contractors ‘ate’ the money to be used for that…Or better yet, the very state’s government that awarded that contract asked for a 40% kickback of the WHOLE AMOUNT…secretly of course. That’s how the government gives contracts. They give it to those whom they’re sure will pay them back 40% of the whole amount. Better yet, they deduct it at source. That IS Nigeria. Terible place for business. Thats why the people languish in abject poverty. They love to lie to themselves that the country is rich. Rich my a**. The elite steal a good 87% of all the wealth. So almost everybody has nothing. There are a whole generation of people from 12 years old to 35 years old on the roads, selling ‘pure water’, and bubblegum, and candy…in the middle of traffic. Nigerians, isnt’ this true??

NIgerians BLINDLY defend the country. The interesting thing is that I did not know what made Nigerians UNIQUELY Nigerian, until I lived in the U.S.

Nigerians are PAINFUL TO DO BUSINESS WITH. Here is what they ALWAYS SAY: “People are owing me. Please, I will pay you back when they pay me”. They always want to bargain down to the ROCK f-ING BOTTOm. They never wanna pay people their REAL DUES. They always want to owe. If they hire you, they love to boss you around, because they feel they are doing you SUCH A FAVOUR. They are painful to work with because they talk so much and want to bring in their over-socialization to work!

I REALLY REALLY wonder about Nigeria.

I am a Nigerian and it pains me to say – I HATE the way Nigerians are.

I avoid Nigerian women, because they have cash hungry eyes…generally speaking. Who knows if they even know how to love a man? It’s all about providing.

I was talking to a girl who attends this expensive university, Covenant University…She was in her 3rd year. She said word for word…”If God blesses me with a made man….”

Imagine that. She’s like 19 or 20, and she’s looking for a ‘made man’. A man who has the 2 or 3 cars, a house, lots of comfort..Just waiting for her to waltz into HIS world and take her place as a queen??

And guess what…every one from the poor to the rich girls are chasing after wealthy men!

Wow, let me rest my fingers on this keyboard. THIS IS NIGERIA I HAVE DESCRIBED ABOVE. Oh, the last point…

Nigerians are not deep. They are not deep thinkers. They dont enjoy deep discussions. They read their newspapers and love to ‘talk’ politics about what happening in Abuja and in senate, because the Newspapers convince them that the senators and governors give a damn. All the politicians care about is stealing more money and securing the next election.

They dont read intellectual stuff, tech stuff, profound stuff, philosophy…nah. They only read stuff that helps them look more flashy (ladies), or religious literature. I bet in Nigeria only 0.0001% know who is Nietzsche.

Yes, maybe one in ten thousand people know who Nietzsche is.

That’s why the country is not growing. Because they don’t know that true knowledge, wisdom, and honesty (or at least, accountability) are the foundations of great societies. Nigerians HATE HATE HATE discipline and order, thats why driving in most places in Nigeria is like a duel. “I got here first! I wont let u pass!” LITERALLY. LITERALLY…cars but heads, see who can make it first. Nobody can be patient to let the next car pass.

They’re too busy worshiping the guy with money to go off and read somewhere and gain true knowledge.

Mr. Lindsay, you can publish this comment as an article if you’d like. This is a true analysis of Nigeria, as I have seen it. I am currently in Nigeria as I write this…keeping guard against almost everybody because I am like…”damn, I am in a land of aggressive and dishonest people”.

The ONE GOOD THING ABOUT NIGERIA…I see is that there are SOME truly spiritual people, who live for God, and commune with God. I know some of them. To me, they are the only good things/people in Nigeria. Besides that, I’ll tell foreigners…what in the world are you looking for in Nigeria. Even we from Nigeria are appalled by our people.

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