Thursday, December 1, 2016

Inflatable Zone Brings the Safest Fun Games and Sports for All

Inflatable Zone Brings the Safest Fun Games and Sports for All

From Bubble soccer balls to zorb balls, inflatable slides, inflatable bouncers, fly fish flying boats, walking balls, swimming pools and other inflatable products for fun games, relaxation and sports, Inflatable Zone is the number one leader in the production and supplier for homes, clubs, schools and recreational centres in the world.
Inflatable Zone has the best Bubble Footballs, Bumper Balls, Loopy Balls,  Body Zorb Balls, bouncers, slides,  tents and other inflatable products for the safest sports.

 Giant 15m Slip and Slide
Inflatable Combo.

Bubble soccer is very popular in the United States with Bubble soccer competitions and fast spreading to Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Africa.

You can see more on Inflatable Zone with a wide range of new inflatable products for fun games and sports you can order now.

Inflatable Zone answers all your  questions:

1. Can you tell me more about the color, size, logo and design of the inflatable product? has all kinds of color, size and design of products including bubble soccer ball, zorbing ball, water games, water slide, and other inflatable products for customers to choose. For color, size, logo, and design, inflatable-zone.comoffer plenty of standard options to choose. If there is any color, size, logo or design that you prefer, please feel free to contact our staff and send us email about your requirements. Our designers are more than capable of making any color, size, logo or design that you want.

2. Is your inflatable products only for retail or wholesale, or can I rent them? offers high quality inflatable products including bubble soccer ball, zorbing ball, water games, inflatable bouncers, and other inflatables for both retail and wholesale services. But not all customers want to buy product once for all, some of them may only need to use it one time or just a few times, rather than frequently. For that reason, we highly recommend you that you can start a inflatable products rental business to buy products in bulk and rent them out for people who strongly needs to rent it rather than buy it, and get profits from it. Win-win situation. As one of the biggest inflatable product manufacturer in town, we offer the best quality and more than capable of manufacturing inflatable products in bulk.

3. What about the price of inflatable products?
Is there anything for sale? promises the most favorable price you can get with the best quality. If that’s still not working for you, you can pay more attention to our website every now and then for sale info. Sometimes there will be your ideal inflatable products for sale. When that time comes, you can purchase your ideal product for the cheapest price. Normally, we will hold promotion in holidays, but actually not exclusive to the holidays, sometimes we will hold promotion under the company policy. So you should pay more attention to our website, or follow us on FB, Twitter, etc. And here’s a good news of giving back to our regular customers, which is that regular customers can come for us for coupons and if they recommend their friends to purchase our inflatable products from Inflatable Zone.

4. What about the pre-sale service and after-sale service?
What kind of guarantee can you offer us? sincerely offers not only the best quality inflatable products with the cheapest price, such as zorbing ball, water games, water slide or bubble soccer ball, etc. but also promises the best pre-sale and after-sale services. For pre-sale service, we will offer the best solution to customers’ questions under extreme patience and consideration, no matter how difficult the questions are. For after-sale service, we value every customer’s opinions and open for their problems. If there is any question about the package you receive, or the package you received has damaged, we promise full refund or partly refund according to the damage. For guarantee, we offer 1 year warranty and a free repair kit for the inflatable products. is always here for you!

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