Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Channel for Street Movies Coming Soon on iPost Nigeria

The greatest dramas of life are not those written in millions of stories by both known and unknown writers.
They are the daily encounters of the struggle for survival and success and victory by humans on the streets of different cities, towns and villages in the world.

No matter how much photographers, reporters and writers have succeeded in recording their eye witness accounts of numerous events and incidents in various locations on earth, most of them have passed by unrecorded in history and their memories soon forgotten. But now with mobile phones and tablets almost nothing can escape unnoticed in the passage of time as we capture both the ordinary and extraordinary moments of daily life and shared instantly with millions of others on the internet around the clock. Now everyone can tell his or her experiences of daily activities from every location on earth, from the street to the internet.

There has never been such a time as this era in the history of human civilization and nobody wants to be left out of the drama of life or be left behind in the kaleidoscope of time.

iPost Nigeria is coming with a special channel for the momentous dramas of daily life from the street to the internet to be called Street Movies as never seen before on the screen; produced by everyone who knows how to use digital video cameras in mobile phones and tablets.
Yes, we are creating a special channel for this genre of movies on lives on the streets of our turbulent world.
Producers of the Street Movies can show them free or monetize them on our Pay-Per-View Channel on iPost Nigeria where millions of people can view them on their mobile phones, tablets and PCs wherever they are in the world.

The Street Movies channel is one of the seven different categories on iPost Nigeria as already shown in the demo on

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