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Cinema Boosts Effectiveness of Ad Campaigns By Delivering Three-Fold Revenue Return On Media Investment

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Cinema boosts effectiveness of ad campaigns by delivering three-fold revenue return on media investment

London, 11 September 2012: BrandScience, the business and marketing effectiveness arm of Omnicom Media Group, has shared its findings on the Revenue Return on Investment for cinema media spend across Europe today at an event hosted by the Cinema Advertising Association.

The Europe-wide study, commissioned by Screen Advertising World Association (SAWA) and Cinema Advertising Association (CAA) shows that Cinema advertising outperforms print and outdoor across Europe with a Revenue Return on Investment (RROI) of €3.07 and an overall carryover rate of 48%. This means that if an ad spend of €1000 delivered 100 sales in the first week, it would drive 48 in the second, 23 in the third and 11 in the fourth week following exposure. In the UK, Cinema delivered a £2.84 RROI for every £1 invested and the best carryover rate of all media nationwide at 72% per week.

Case studies from the BrandScience Econometrics Results Vault were used to review how cinema performed across different product categories including FMCG, services, leisure and entertainment.

In the FMCG category, cinema delivered a RROI of €2.88 from just 6% of the total media spend. When used as a secondary medium in this sector, Cinema provides the highest RROI amongst other media, enjoying a 51% carryover, just behind TV.  The FMCG research was further broken down into three subcategories covering Food and Drink, Health and Beauty, as well as impulse purchases.

Cinema was the standout media in the Food and Drink subcategory returning €4.80 and 68% carryover when 7% of the overall media budget was invested in the medium. This was the best performance of all media.

For Health and Beauty, cinema also delivered the highest RROI of all media within its subcategory, delivering €2.97 from a 5% spend, while the 40% carryover rate in this subcategory outperformed both Outdoor and Print.

Cinema spend for Impulse purchases returned €2.12 from a 6% media spend, again higher than both Outdoor and Print, with a 51% carry over, indicating that in this subcategory Cinema works harder than all other secondary media.

In the Service category, Cinema returned €3.43 for every €1 spent from just 3% of the media budget invested in the medium. This is €1.14 higher than Outdoor’s achieved RROI with 12% of the media budget. Cinema’s carryover rate was 43%, also highest behind TV.

The Leisure and Entertainment category delivered €3.08 from a 3% Cinema spend, generating €1.22 more than Outdoor, which represented 7% of media spend.  With a 43% carryover rate, Cinema was again the highest performing medium behind TV for this category.

Econometrics also identified optimum percentage investment in Cinema as part of the media mix. It found that on average, spending up to 10% of a media budget on Cinema advertising can significantly increase the total communications RROI for an overall campaign, in addition to the specific medium. In the Leisure and Entertainment category, for example, investing 4-10% of media spend in Cinema drove total communications RROI of €4.24. Adding Cinema to the schedule boosts return on investment from other media too as the RROI for TV increased to €2.09 from €1.24 when part of the media mix. The RROI for TV’s Leisure and Entertainment spend increased to €5.87 from €5.10 when cinema was added.
Sally Dickerson, Global CEO of BrandScience says: “Working with the Cinema Advertising Association (CAA) and other Screen Advertising World Association (SAWA) members across Europe, BrandScience has collated evidence from its Results Vault of over 1100 econometric studies in Europe, of which 111 evaluated Cinema Spend and other media. The meta analysis proves that Cinema delivers a healthy return on media investment, particularly when used as part of an integrated campaign. Cinema performs in its own right as measured by direct RROI (Revenue ROI) and enhances all other main media in assuring higher campaign RROI”.

Sarah Dack, Board Member of the CAA adds: “Whilst many studies continue to prove that Cinema delivers more engagement, reaches light TV and youth audiences, the BrandScience study confirms that cinema doesn’t just deliver soft KPIs, it also drives strong return on investment for the brands that advertise on the Big Screen.”

The European study was commissioned by the Screen Advertising World Association (SAWA) and was based on 111 case studies measuring the impact of cinema when used with other media. The European RROI number refers to 56 case studies where in depth analysis has been carried out. The UK study was based on 27 case studies and commissioned by the Cinema Advertising Association (CAA) in the UK. Both pieces of insight were drawn from the BrandScience Econometrics Results Vault containing over 1000 cases.

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Notes to Editors
About the Cinema Advertising Association (CAA)

The trade association CAA promotes, monitors and maintains standards of cinema advertising in the UK and Republic of Ireland.
The primary functions include pre-vetting and clearing all UK cinema commercials to ensure conformity with the British Codes of Advertising, sales promotion and direct marketing. It also provides UK cinema market information in terms of impacts, admissions and screen numbers. In addition it produces the annual Film Audience Measurement and Evaluation (FAME) and Film Monitor research providing insight into cinema going and the film viewing experience within the UK.

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