Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Advice For The Single And Desperate To Marry Nigerian Women

Single Nigerian women are getting more desperate to marry that you wonder if marriage is now their LIFE INSURANCE POLICY.

I have been harassed to marry since my mother passed on 18 years ago and her people wanted to give me one of their lovely daughters, but I was too busy to accommodate her.
Being tall and pretty is not enough to convince me.

Then nubile girls and older women harass you for lust or for marriage. But sincerely most of them are expendable idiots and intellectual dummies who cannot add any value or virtue to life besides their biological assets.

"Don't you want children?"
"Ehn, Chi, do you want to have children in old age?"

99% of their reason is procreation as if that is all life is worth?
No wonder we have millions of couples breeding dummies and criminals making Nigeria one of the poorest and most corrupt and insecure nations on earth.

Of all the younger and older women in my life now, only one has the IQ to be my partner for life.

The others are just fun seekers and they get what they deserve GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT.

My advice to the single and desperate to marry Nigerian women is:
1. Show serious interest and commitment in the life of every Nigerian man and support him sincerely in the legitimate work he loves to do which brings his three square meals and pays his bills. Then the man will appreciate and even be considerate to marry you.

2. How much have you contributed to the daily life of the man you are dating?

3. Do you share his progress reports?

4. Can you do his office assignments when he is not able to do so?

5. Do you care for his family?
Have you ever bought a gift for any member of his family?

These Single and Desperate to Marry (SDM) Nigerian women should examine themselves first and evaluate their NON-BIOLOGICAL ASSETS and how much value they can add to the life and work of a single Nigerian man before harassing Nigerian men for marriage.

We want women who will help us to build a better, greater and safer nation and not just to increase the population of liabilities.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi

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